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3:52pm 08-05-2018
hi bret! i love you!!!
12:25am 05-07-2018
James Campbell
Wassup man. I was thinking about ya and went to message you but I can't find ya on facebook. Hope all is well with you and things are going well. I am moving from the house you last saw on D st. I will be out in Murphy down the road from your Ma's house. off Williams highway. Saw this video of a guy making a chess set out of Nuts bolts and washers hehe thought it would be something you would like.
12:17pm 02-04-2018
Super Bowl today! Im going to watch it at the Shrine Club on Eastern and Sahara. I don't have a favorite team. Maybe I'll route for the Brady bunch lol.
I love you Paige!
10:15am 10-17-2017
I just passed the 901 part of the A+ exam! How cool am I!
Hi Paige! I love you!
11:46am 07-29-2017
Angie leduc
Hi love!! You are so beautiful
6:30pm 05-08-2016
angelique tripode
Hi handsome !
1:18am 04-16-2016
Well as you can see by the last post, this guest book does not display pictures properly. Just an FYI
4:41pm 02-27-2016
Bret Leduc
Here I am 6 weeks ago. I love this picture. I look very regal and elegant.

Here I am today, looking scruffy.

8:06pm 10-14-2015
Peace out!!
1:44am 04-30-2015
Bret Leduc
I give up. Pictures simply do not show in this guestbook. But it's late and I'm just going to let this one be. The pictures will show if you right click and select View Image.
1:41am 04-30-2015
Bret Leduc
1:30am 04-30-2015
Bret Leduc
1:25am 04-30-2015
Bret Leduc
I had to make another guestbook yet again because the one from that I was using stopped accepting the captchas.

Here are the only entries from that last guestbook:

Here are the entries from the previous guestbook from

1:20am 04-30-2015
Bret Leduc
This is a test